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West Africa


Differing slightly from region to region, this harp-lute is one of the most melodic instruments in Africa - a fountain of clear crystal sounds. Traditionally, its strings (10-23) were made of leather or gut,  but have been, step by step, replaced by nylon fishing lines which are both more practical to replace and produce a sharper sound. They are divided into two parallel groups. The reasonator is a large hemispherical gourd (60-70cm) covered by hide that is placed on the ground to amplify the bass of the instrument. Its long neck has leather bands to attach and tune the strings. Used mostly by the griots, jeli, the kora represents a typical sound of West Africa - Manding music. The Kora is the national symbol of culture for Gambia. The Kora is a stringed instrument with 21 strings that sounds like a harp. Its body is formed by a large hollowed gourd or calabash.
Code Description Size Price
Kora.001 Kora traditional medium ~17" W/ 49"H $378.00
Kora.002 Kora modern medium ~17"W/ 49"H $432.00
Kora.003 Kora traditional large ~19"W/ 52"H $594.00

Kora.004 Kora modern large ~19"W/ 52"H $649.00

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